KIN 216 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Mitral Valve, Chordae Tendineae, Tricuspid Valve

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26 Feb 2020
KIN216 Chapter 21 Practice Exam/Study guide
1. True or False: The pulmonary circuit is the circuit that receives
deoxygenated blood from the body and pumps it to the lungs and back to
the heart.
2. The atria are the _________ chambers of the heart, while the ventricles
are the ________ chambers of the heart.
a. Pumping, receiving
b. Receiving, pumping
3. True or False: The apex is inferior to the base of the heart.
4. The heart’s layers are oriented from the deep to superficial in what order?
a. Epicardium, myocardium, and endocardium
b. Myocardium, endocardium, epicardium
c. Endocardium, myocardium, epicardium
d. Myocardium, epicardium, endocardium
5. True or False: The fibrous layer of the pericardium is made of loose
connective tissue.
6. The bicuspid valve controls flow from the ________ to the _________.
a. Left ventricle to the left atrium
b. Left atrium to the right ventricle
c. Right atrium to the right ventricle
d. Left atrium to the left ventricle
7. The ____________ allows blood to flow from the right ventricle to the
pulmonary trunk.
a. Bicuspid valve
b. Tricuspid valve
c. Pulmonary semilunar valve
d. Aortic semilunar valve
8. The blood that travels from the left ventricle to the aorta is __________
a. Oxygenated
b. Deoxygenated
9. The trabeculae carneae, papillary muscles, and chordae tendineae are all
characteristics of the _________.
a. Right ventricle
b. Right atrium
c. Left ventricle
d. Both A and C
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