KIN 216 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Tunica Intima, Tunica Externa, Tunica Media

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26 Feb 2020
KIN216 Chapter 22 Practice/study guide
1. True or False: The arties branch as they leave the heart, and veins come
together as they carry blood to the heart.
2. In what order is the structure of the vessel walls arranged from superficial
to deep?
a. Tunica intima, tunica media, tunica externa
b. Tunica media, tunica externa, tunica intima
c. Tunica externa, tunica media, tunica intima
d. Tunica externa, tunica intima, tunica media
3. True or False: The tunica media is composed of cardiac muscle, which
can help in assisting constriction of the vessel.
4. Arteries are arranged from largest to smallest diameter in which order
listed below
a. Elastic, muscular, arterioles, metarterioles
b. Muscular, arterioles, elastic, metarterioles
c. Elastic, arterioles, muscular, metarterioles
d. Metarterioles, arterioles, muscular, elastic
5. True or False: Arteries carry blood to the heart, while veins carry blood
away from the heart.
6. The arteries are classified as ________ pressure and flow vessels.
a. high
b. low
7. All of the following are types of arteries EXCEPT
a. elastic
b. muscular
c. arterioles
d. venules
8. The _________ artery supplies organs, parts of organs, and groups of
a. elastic
b. muscular
c. arterioles
d. none of these
9. The capillaries are the site for _________.
a. Gas and nutrient exchange
b. Protection
c. Keep continuous flow
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