KIN 310 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Dna Replication, Glycolipid, Transfer Rna

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26 Feb 2020
1. Compare and contrast DNA and RNA. Your answer should include components,
structure, function, and synthesis.
2. Compare and contrast the molecular processes of replication and transcription. Excellent
answers will compare and contrast at least four separate features of these processes. You
should make sure to include at least ONE similarity and ONE difference in your
comparison. Be sure to write in complete sentences and discuss both processes in each
feature. You could use a table-system as indicated below
Process feature
DNA replication
RNA synthesis
What molecule contains the original
How many strands of this molecule are
used in this process?
Describe the types of interactions
made by each of the 3 parts of a
nucleotide in each nucleic acid.
What is the name of the one key
enzyme involved that produces most of
this new molecule?
Specifically, what reaction does it
How does the process determine
where to begin?
Name at least two other accessory
proteins involved in the process and
their function.
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