KIN 345 Midterm: Exam2 vocab

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26 Mar 2020
Moral Development is the extent
to which an individual’s behaviors
conform to social norms.
Moral Development is an
individual’s tendency to behave in
accordance with their most mature
reasoning patterns.
Suspension of ethics during
athletic competition
Social process that occurs when
rewards are given to people for
how their performance compares
with the performance of others
during same task
C. Social Learning Approach
H. Structural Development Approach
A. Bracketed Morality
B. Competition
E. Mindfulness
Social process through which
performance is evaluated and
rewarded in terms of collective
achievement of a group of people
working together to reach a goal.
Disposition to perceive objectively
non-threating circumstances as
threatening, responding with
disproportionate state anxiety.
F. Trait Anxiety
J. Autogenic training
K. Self-Confidence
Belief that you can successfully
perform a desired behavior.
An individuals thoughts and
feelings about her or himself in
general, or about her or his
abilities in a particular
achievement domain
G. Self-Perceptions
I. Self-Esteem
Appraisal or evaluation of oneself
as a person in general
D. Perceived Competence
Perceptions of ability or adequacy
in specific achievement domains
The strength of a persons
conviction that he or she can
execute the behavior needed for
successful performance
L. Self-Efficacy
Present-time awareness; learn to
acknowledge negative thoughts
but not dwell on them
M. Cooperation
N. State Anxiety
Statements are made to direct
attention to a sensation you are
trying to reduce
Uses imagery to guide athlete
through hierarchy of anxiety
producing scenarios- increased
exposure until no anxiety
O. Systemic desensitization
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