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MGT 315 Final: Emotions and Stress Review

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MGT 315

Emofi haf elicit diners reaction Emotins a discrete, sierfer, intense, dear reas reason stress, slid es S Dimensions of Justice Difik five Jushte Faine r hared on ouromes ity, eguality, needs Procedural justice Faine based on process bins rpierenat inners, a ed treatm Fairness bard pert repriety based Fairness more than inonsistent heatmen almen Differential trusme Is he event seen as a stressor Differential Rathivity k their a negative or psihive ping (beha the stress deal fferent a prior) How is Hndande rs. Dallenge fessors Hndrance Tressor Demands that are perco red as hindering progress Nords acompithment or ainment efirn nith negative pmofions overload, daily hassles mands rorith and athierament h can lead psiin mes work bance, apelite lins, etc Frain pea anriely, of Stig riom nce, lommitment help riceived thers whe Confronted with demand hite Gnd tion Emotiona Inielligence: the pality to be anare of, tonfro and press one's emotions, and to handle inferpersonal re alinhips j dai vesly and empathetica haustion of emotional Strain on, onitations rdvce Stress and frain for their fly time is most effective
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