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13 Oct 2017

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Science is empirical: empiricism: knowledge should be acquired through systematic observation. Princess bride: the torturer is systematically observing the world when he tortures people trying to write the definitive text on pain. Science is: not a subject area, not technology, when we learn something through systematic observation, an epestimolocal method. Science values: objectivity: remove the biases of the individual from the observations. Don"t want bias to interfere with research: skepticism: verification through replication. After looking at a ton of swans you could confirm or deny that statement: open-mindedness: willingness to change beliefs/theories. What is the scientific method: components of it: a. 1. specify a problem a. 2. systematic observation a. 3. form a hypothesis a. 3. i. Hypothesis: a specific prediction involving the relationship between two or more variables. a. 3. i. a. Ex: as the number of years of life sucked from a person increases, the level of pain the person suffers will increase. a. 3. ii. Research questions: asking whether there is a relationship between two or more variables. a. 3. ii. a.

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