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Political Science
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PLS 200

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Agency Theory-Also called the principal-agent model, the basic premise is that Inquisitorial System-In a civil law system, a prolonged pretrial investigative process bureaucracies are agents that act on behalf of the legislature Iron Triangle-The situation where the bureaucracy is captured and redirected to focus on Agreement Reality-Things that we believe are real even though we have never actually the needs of an interest group rather than on the public interest or even its original experienced them through our five senses mandate Appellate Jurisdiction-A higher court’s authority to review the record from a trial court Judicial Review-The power to declare laws and gov. acts to be in violation of the nations Arrow’s Theorem-The idea that elections cannot be the perfect means of making decisions constitution or in some other way illegal under the structure of the country because the method by which votes are tallied can significantly alter the outcome. Jurisprudence-A philosophyof law Bureaucracy-The position within the political administrative structure-the desk, not the Law In Action-How laws are applied and enforced in the real world person-that defines the role or function to be performed Law in Books-The laws as they are written Civil Law-The branch of the law that typically deals with relations among private Majoritarianism-Rule by the majority individuals and groups Median Voter-the one voter in the center of theideological spectrum Cockroach Theory of Bureaucracy-The idea that bureaucracies serve the public the best Mediated Reality-Reality that comes to us through channels of info flow, primarily they can and hope to stay hidden from the media and well fed in the darker recesses of an through the news media, and our of how info is selected, sorted, and presented to us anonymous bureaucratic government through the news media Cockroach Theory of Politics-The idea that politicians do not want to be spotted Mutual Exploitation Model-the idea that the news media exploit elites by using them for anywhere where they might be stomped on; thus, when they see others caught by the cheap sources of news and that they know will interest the public while, at the same time, media in a scandal they try to avoid getting noticed for a similar indiscretion the elites exploit the news media by using them to communicate with the public and Cognitive Frameworks-The set of instinctual and learned filters the human mind uses for present a public image that will help their political, economic, or social, ambitions sorting the mass of incoming info and selecting which bits it will recognize and pass on to Natural Law-a type of jurisdiction that presumes that there is some higher law, which the thinking parts of the brain originates with God or nature, and that this higher law is discoverable by the use of reason Criminal Law-The branch of law that concerns relationships involving the government and Original Jurisdiction-the courts authority to be the 1 tribunal to hear a case its relationship with individuals and organizations Positivist Jurisprudence-a type of jurisprudence that views law as simply the command Direct Democracy-A political system i
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