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Political Science
PLS 200

Agreement reality-things we believe are real even though we have never directly expierenced them through 2.Match someone else who did not appear on the show with the person who did, calculate our five senses the same values Balance of Power-the way in which the distribution of power across the international system influences the Results: Democrats were in trouble before the show and showed a significant bump from the pattern of alliances that tend to form in an anarchical enviorment Colbert report in monthly donations Bandwagoning- opportunistic international alliances in which nations ally with the bully in order to carve out Republicans got a decent amount of donations before the Colbert report then experienced their own slice in the spoils a Colbert bust after the show and lost monthlydonations Cockroach Theory of Politics-the idea that politicians do not want to be spotted anywhere they might be stomped on; thus, when they see others caught by the media in a scandal they try to avoid getting noticed for a NOTES NOV. 12 – INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS similar indiscretion Cognitive Frameworks –the set of instinctual and learned filters the human mind uses sorting the mass of THE STUDY OF COUNTRIES incoming information and selecting which bits it will recognize and pass on to the thinking part of the brain Easier to study US because no language barrier, traveling, etc.. Constructivism-a theoretical perspective on international relations that holds as its fundamental claim that Comparative politics is the study of political systems other than the US human beings construct that reality around them-the reality upon which decisions and choices are made- When you study comparative politics you become expert of one country through language and communication International Relations-studies interactions among one or more countries Democratic Peace-the observation that liberal democratic political regimes do not fight one another Research will often occupy a theme(environment, economy, etc.) Dramatic Imperative-the need for commercial new outlets to focus on rare and unusual events that have a Comparative US Politics-study among 50 states and compare them tremendous impact on people in order to draw an audience INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS THEORY Expierential Reality- things we directly expierence through our five senses The purpose of a theory is to provide a causal linkage between an if and then statement Framing-the use of speech to provide a cognitive framework for understanding an issue, policy, or candidate Ex. IF countries are democratic THEN they will not engage in war against each other to predispose people to interpret a myriad of facts and snippets in one way rather than another The IR theory provides a conceptual way of why certain events have happened historically, and how Hegemon-a dominant power, either an individual, or in the case of international politics a country powerful events will happen in the future enough to dominate all others ZOMBIE PRELIMINARIES Idealism- a way of looking at the world where the focus is on what we would like to do Theories of International Politics and Zombies by Daniel W. Drezner Mediated Reality-reality that comes to us through channels of info flow primarily through the news media, Assumptions: What do zombies eat?-live human flesh and our understanding of how info is selected, sorted, and presented to us through the news media How do we kill zombies?-head shot Mutual Exploitation Model-the idea that the nes media exploits elites by using them for cheap sources of What happens when zombies attack?-you become a zombie news that they know will interest the project while, at the same time, the elites exploit the news media by Debates: Where do zombies come from? – Virus, Technology, + Supernatural using them to communicate with the public and present a public image that will help their political, economic, What are zombies capabilities? or social ambitions No way to prevent zombie apocalypse Realism- a way of looking at the world where the focus is on what we are able to do REALISM BASICS Spin-the use of speech to provide a cognitive framework for understanding an issue, policy, or candidate to Assumptions: predispose people to interpret a myriad of facts and snippets in a certain way Anarchy and self help World Systems Theory-the idea that politics occurs with an economic structure define by exploitative trade Absence of a centralized security so must rely on self help relationships, with corporate, class, and multinational entities defining the units of action Force is what matters(how strong you are) MEDIA AND POLITICS-Lecture Nov. 5 Balancing As you gain a lot of power, other states try to gain at the same time The Business of News Smaller states are still looking out for themselves so there are uncertainties The news is a big business (not for the good of everyone) in trust always The media sells us (people=news) Alliances are always changing They want to know what interests us? Maximize security Rules of the Business: Force leads to security Oversell the conflict Distribution of Power is Key Sex sells Looking at who has what power(what state is strongest) causes people to Weird is good! go to war and try to take power from another state Tragedy is good REALISM AND ZOMBIES Media and Elites Micro interactions(local level) Elites are presumed to be news worthy (celebrities, pres., etc.) Clusters of people fighting for scarce items; resources and safety Media loosely check political actors behavior (catching politician in the act/scandal) Micro interactions Protests are key for non-elites to get media coverage No big impact because zombie crisis is same as any natural disaster that occurs; powerful How Do We Escape?? survive and weak die We know the media is biased No anti zombie alliance Step 1:BE CRITICAL-good at understanding how media is motivated Buck-passing-someone does more work than any others in the group Step 2:BE COGNITIVE Smaller states are skeptical that bigger states will be power hungry and Step 3:BE CAREFUL-of individuals who will tryto manipulate you lookout for only themselves(gobble small states up) Research Reminder: Political Debates LIBERALISM BASICS Fridkin et al.: media framing of debates affects political views Assumptions: More likely to think media’s favored candidate won the debate Cooperation is possible More support/likability for medias favored candidate It is a non zero sum game(everyone wins) Research: TV+Political Behavior There exists global public goods(trade, environment, disease, etc..) Question: How does TV affect political behavior?(Druckman 2003) Ex. Better off with trade than they were before; benefits exceed cost Design: randomly assign students to either (a) watch or (b) listen to the first televised Cooperation is not guaranteed debate between Nixon and Kennedy in 1960 Wont happen under divergent preferences Arguments: TV viewers will be more likely to use personality when evaluating the canadidate Non excludable public good(don’t pay in pool=no benefit) allows people to TV viewers will learn more(visual stimulation) be free rides Non-sophisticates viewers will benefit or learn more from TV than sophisticated viewers Democracy good Evaluation Results: TV viewers placed higher emphasis on “leadership qualities” than audio only Democracies value same things=more ground for cooperation TV viewers considered “integrity”; audio did not More laws and institutions help back cooperation’s (maintain them) For audio only the level to which they agreed with the platform of the candidate affected LIBERALISM AND ZOMBIES their evaluation; for TV it did not We probably all die Learning Results: TV viewers=4.00 accurate/5 We have free flow(no borders, trade, ideas, etc..) so zombies can cross borders easily Audio only=3.59 accurate/5 No cooperation due to security levels Non sophisticated Predicts unified human response TV viewers=4.07/5 International institution just never work Audio=3.20/5 Other road blocks: Sophisticated Closed regimes(people wont participate) TV viewers=4.07/5 CONSTRUCTIVISM BASICS Audio=3.96/5 Assumptions: Research: Candidate Image Reality is a social contract Question: Does TV consumption affect political behavior? (Lenz+Lawson 2011) Why are zombies more of a threat than bears or sharks? Design: Survey of individual voting behavior combined with media consumption, political Zombies violate a norm knowledge, and perceived competency values Identity is Key Lecture Notes Nov. 7-Media and Politics (Cont’d) You are who you are because everyone recognizes you as that Argument: people who have low knowledge but high TV consumption will be most likely to vote on CONSTRUCTIVISM AND ZOMBIES appearance Zombies are what we make of them -2006 Governors Race Graph Kill or be killed Low knowledge + Low TV=.11 slope Security community Low-Mid Knowledge +Low TV=.05 slope How to get community instead of killed? Low knowledge + High TV=.32 slope Destroy all zombie movies/books Low-Mid Knowledge + High TV=.03 slope Socialize zombies **higher the slope, more likely to think someone looks like democratic/republican We can teach them not to eat us RESEARCH: SOFT NEWS/COMEDY Assumes no critical zombie mass Question: what impact does media type have on your info-seeking behavior? (Xenos + Becker 2009) Being a zombie is normal if there are more of them than us Design: show video clips and then record internet browsing behavior LECTURE NOTES NOV. 19 Types of Clips: -CTD- classic twin design Hard News -assortitive mating-finding someone like you Comedy REVIEW Hybrid(comedy and hard)  Why do people think/act the way they do? Control(no video content)  Previous answer from polisci: environment and immediate context Basic Experiment: showed that people were more likely to browse news on Iraq/foreign policyif they  New Evidence: role of genetics is non
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