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Exam 1 Study Guide Answers

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Michigan State University
PSY 236
Jonathan Witt

Lecture 1 Chapter 1Things to knowWhy one big theory of personality is not desirable each theory focuses on certain things and avoids others Focuses well on one thing unconscious motivations for exampleThe basics of each perspective on personality we will cover covered well in the bookoTraits tendencies that differ across people but persist across the populationoBiologicalevolutionary focuses on evolutionary theory such as universals or differences in strategiesoPsychoanalytic subconscious Freudian perspectiveoPhenomenological uniqueness of being human consciousness thought flow optimal experience positive psychologyoLearningcognitive how we behave is a product of our upbringing different from phenomenology because its more observable behavior than subconsciousThe definition of personalityhow people think feel and behave psychological triadLecture 2 Chapter 2 What is personality measurement definition systematic attempt to measure personality characteristicsWhat is a construct Meehls definitionUnseen presume what makes up what we are and made up of results of test performance intelligence test results from an intelligence test personality results from a personality testSources of DataWhat are they What are pros and cons of each Examples we used in class be able to identify examples if given to you pros and cons
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