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Exam 3 Study Guide Answers

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PSY 236
Jonathan Witt

PSY 236 Exam 3 study guideBehavior GeneticsWhat is the definition of behavior geneticsThe study of relative contributions of gene and environment to behaviorWhat is a phenotypePhysical representation what you seeWhat is a genotypeUnderlying genetic code that may or may not vary the phenotypeWhat is a Twin study What is the advantage of running a twin studyThey are a natural control two people who are naturally controlledWhat is a heritability coefficient How is it calculated What does it representComes out of a twin study number 01 that tells the relative proportion in the variation of phenotype that can be attributed to variation in the genotypeWhat is the average estimated heritability of personality traits across traits040 40What happens to a heritability coefficient if variability in genes is restricted What happens to a heritability coefficient if variability in the environment is restrictedIf the environment is restricted any difference would be attributed to genes If genes are restricted any difference would be attributed to environmentWhat might heritability tell us about the causes of some behaviorsdisorders hint compare the heritability of moderate and severe mental retardationModerate retardation is somewhat heritable Sever is likely due to a toxin etc not genes 0 coefficientWhy were psychologists shocked to find that shared environment only accounted for 5 of the variance in personalityShared environment is what we usually think matters Some psychologists say that family doesnt matter because of findings from behavior genetics We discussed reasons in class that this may be too strong of a statement What were these reasonsWe know that parenting interventions work changing parental behavior impacts the kdis Some things we think of as shared nvironment may not be treated two kids in different ways Lots of things can restrict the range adoptive parent studies arent as accurate because they are screened Might depend on data collected much is S data B might show different resultsKnow that high or low heritability can mean two things Know what those two things are and why those two things should lead us to be careful when interpreting a heritability coefficientA high coefficient means that much variation in phenotype can be due to variation in genotype or it could just be because theres a large variation in phenotype across people in generally Why might we find that modern behaviors eg divorce are heritable
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