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Exam 4 Study Guide Answers

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Michigan State University
PSY 236
Jonathan Witt

PSY 236 Exam 4 Study Guide NeoFreudians Lecture 17What were the four primary disagreements that the neofreudians had with Freuds original theoryoEmphasize things differently role of the unconscious freud sexuality freud differed with regard to early experience freud gender differencesWhat did Alfred Adler feel that the primary motivating force in life was contrast it with what Freud believed waswere the primary motivatorsoFreudaggression and sexoAdlerfeelings of inferiorityKnow what Adler meant by compensation oDealing with real or imaginary inferiorityAccording to Adler what were the inferiority and superiority complexesoDue to neglect react by boasting or feeling egotistical etcKnow what Adler meant by Style of LifeoYour particular way of dealing with your inferiorityKnow the three kinds of destructive styles of life in Adlers scheme be able to compare and contrastoRulingoGetting typeoAvoiding typeKnow the features of the Socially Useful style of lifeoFacing problems cooperating with others engaging in social interestKnow Jungs major ideas especially the collective unconsciousoKnow definitions of anima and animous oCollectivethe unconscious that is similar between peopleoAnimaa males feminine inner personalityoAnimousa females masculine inner personalityKnow how Karen Horney reconceptualized Freuds concept of Penis EnvyoTook more of a symbolic representation and thought they envied mens status in societyKnow Ericksons stages of psychosocial development Specifically know the general order of the psychosocial conflicts and the conflicts themselves it is not necessary to know the estimated period of life in which each occurs beyond knowing which stages happen earlier and which stages happen lateroKnow trust vs mistrust etc and the order Not necessarily the age specificoDevelopment happens over a lifespano02 years Hopes Basic vs Mistrusto24 years Will Autonomy vs Shame and Doubto45 Years Purpose Initiative vs Guilto512 Years Competence Industry vs Inferiorityo1319 Years Fidelity Identity vs Role Confusiono2024 Years Love Intimacy vs Isolationo2564 Years Care Generativity vs Stagnationo65death Years Wisdom Ego Integrity vs DespairHumanism Lecture 18Know the definition of phenomenologyoEach person has a unique experience and view on the world thinking feeling behaving etcWhy is phenomenology important to humanistsoThink that the only way to understand a persons personality is to understand that person individually
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