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PSY 320

Health Psychology 320Exam Review 1This review sheet is designed to help you effectively integrate the material covered during the course of the unit In addition to reviewing the topics included here read all of the material that was covered during the unit Review the key terms at the conclusion of the chapters and be able to define themReview examples covered in the shaded boxes in each chapterReview the diagrams in the textMaterial Covered These are all fair game for exam questions Chapters 1 2 6 7Dockray S Grant N Stone A A Kahneman D Wardle J Steptoe A 2010 Acomparison of affect ratings obtained with ecological momentary assessment andday reconstruction method Social Indicators Research 99 269283Harrell Z A TJackson B 2008 Think fat and feeing blue eating behaviorsruminative coping and depressive symptoms in college women Sex Roles 58658666 Wilkinson RPickett K 2009 How inequality gets under the skin pp 3148 InThe Spirit Level New York NY Bloomsbury PressWilkinson RPickett K 2009 Physical health and life expectancy pp 7387 InThe Spirit Level New York NY Bloomsbury PressLecture topicsincluding film examples and research examplesChapter 1Define the biopsychosocial model of health Compare it to the biomedical model note strengths and weaknesses Biopsychosocial modelhealth and illness are consequences of the interplay of biological psychological and social factors The biomedical model attributes illness and health to somatic bodily processes such as biochemical imbalances or neurophysiological abnormalities The biomedical model sucks becauseIt is a reductionist singlefactor modelIt assumes a mindbody dualismEmphasizes illness over healthFails to address common puzzles like why if six are exposed only three contractWhat are the areas of focus in health psychology Health promotion and maintenancePrevention and treatment of illnessEtiology origins of illness and correlates of health illness and dysfunctionThe health care system and the formulation of health policyPSY3201S13
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