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Exam 3 Study Guide Answers

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Michigan State University
PSY 320

Health Psychology 320Exam Review 3This review sheet is designed to help you effectively integrate the material covered during the course of the unit In addition to reviewing the topics included here read all of the material that was covered during the unit Review the key terms at the conclusion of the chapters and be able to define themReview examples covered in the shaded boxes in each chapterReview the diagrams in the textMaterial Covered All are fair game for exam questions Chapters 8 9 10 film and news clipsLecture topics andresearch examplesChapter 8Define the social and psychological factors that influence the recognition and interpretation of symptomsIndividual differences like neuroticism hypochondriaCultural differences Attentional differencesSituational factors like boredomStressInterpretation of symptoms based on experienceReview cultural differences in the recognition of symptomsAnglos tend to report infrequent symptoms like a new painMexicans tend to report symptoms that occur more frequently like diarrheaDefine illness representations and illness schema and explain how they influence the interpretation of symptomsCommonsense model of illness oPeople hold implicit commonsense beliefs about their symptoms and illnessed that result in organized illness representations or schemas oLend coherence to a persons preventive health behavior reactions when they experience symptoms or a diagnosed with illness their adherence and expectations of future healthAcute illness model Chronic illness modelCyclic illness Define the lay referral network and describe its functionInformal network of family and friends who offer their own interpretations of symptoms well before any medical treatment is soughtoRecommend home remedies provide experienceIdentify demographic and cultural factors related to the utilization of health servicesLower SES use medical services less than high SESoGap has shrunk since the oncoming of Medicare and Medicaid oBiggest gap is in the use of preventative health services and prescreeningoThe poor have less medical services available and the ones that are are typically cruddy1
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