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Michigan State University
PSY 320

PSY 320Final Exam ReviewThe final exam is cumulative This means that all material covered during the semester is fair game This review sheet focuses on major themes that will be covered for each unit The exam will consist of 20 matchingdefinition questions30 conceptual multiple choice questions Theand multiple choice questions will be representative across all four units Because Exam 4 covered chapters 13 and 14 these will not be covered on the final exam Notes on responses to chronic illness in chapter 11 pp 268282 and chapter 12 will be covered on the final exam Study HintsFor the exam you should focus on large conceptual models and be able define constructs related to those models Review the vocabulary words at the end of each relevant chapter Unit 1 Introduction and Stress and CopingWhat were the earliest theories of the mind and body relationship and how did the understanding of this relationship change over time The Greeksfour humors believed that psychological factors could have an effectMiddle AgesGods punishment RenaissanceMicroscope and autopsy put humor theory to rest Focused on biological causesFreudConversion hysteriaunconscious conflicts can produce physical disturbances that symbolize repressed psychological conflictsDunbarAlexanderlinked personality to specific disorders Psychosomatic medicineDefine the biopsychosocial modelThe view that biological psychological and social factors are all involved in any given state of health or illnessWhat are the major theories of stress and coping Fightorflight responsewhen an organism perceives threat the body is rapidly aroused and motivated via the sympathetic nervous system Attack or fleeGeneral adaptation syndromeWhen an organism confronts a stressor it mobilizes itself for actionTendandbefriendhumans respond to stress with nurturingHow do researchers study stress and coping Focus on research design and specific measures such as the Brief Cope InventoryPrimary appraisalpositive negative or neutral If negative harm threat and challenge the potential to overcomeSecondary appraisalAssessment of whether ones coping abilities will be sufficient to meet the harm threat or challenge of the eventSelfreports life change emotional distress behavioral measures physiological measures heart rate etcWhat physiological mechanisms cause stress to affect healthThe sympathetic adrenomedullary system and the hypothalamicpituitaryadrenocortical axisCompare and contrast the theoretical approaches to the study of stress1
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