Exam 1 - Data and Statistical Graphs

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Statistics and Probability
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STT 201

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STT 201 Notes for Exam 1 Data and Statistical Graph Analysis 1/7/13 - 1/28/13 Founders of Statistics:  Exploratory Statistics: John Tukey  Least Squares Method/Product Moment Correlation: Karl Pearson  Modern Axiomatic Probability: A.N. Kolmogorov Types of Data:  Categorical: Labels  Numerical: Measurement o Discrete: Counted exactly o Continuous: Has a range Statistical Graphs:  Asymmetric Data o Histogram o Boxplot/Stem-and-Leaf Plot o Scatter Plot  Symmetric Data o Bell Curve Symmetry of Data Measure of Location (Center) Measure of Variation (Dispersion) Asymmetric Median 5 Point Summary Symmetric Mean Standard Deviation ∑ √ ∑ Histograms: Show information content  Properties o Above x-axis o Total area under = 1 o Area between (a, b) = Proportion of data between (a, b)  Shape o Unimodal: 1 peak o Bimodal: 2 peaks o Trimodal: 3 peaks o Symmetric: No peaks  Skew o Positive: More data on the right side o Negative: More data on the left side Boxplots: Graphical display of the five point summary (Can also be done with a stem-and-leaf plot)  Five Point Summary (Divided into equal fourths) o Minimum: Lowest value o Lower Quartile (Q1): o Medan (Q2): o Upper Quartile (Q3): o Maximum: Highest value  Range: –  Inner Quartile Range (IQR):  Arm: No more than… o Left side: o Right side:  Outliers: Outside arm of box Scatter Plots: Shows correlation among data  Properties:
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