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TC 101
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TC 401 MID-Term Study online 48.Advantages of - Transcend geographical and temporal 15.Characteristics of - Social aggregations, collectives, Online Health constraints online community groups or networks of people Community - Greater access to diverse sources of - Dispersed geographically health information and experiences - Share interests/goals - Anonymity, less risk and - Provide support, information, embarrassment of disclosure of health friendship between strangers information 35.Companionship - Feel less lonely - Formulating disclosure of personal concerns and helping others have a 54.Computer-Mediated - Social presence theory therapeutic value by itself. Theory I - Media richness theory - Social information processing 17.Affordance - The quality of technology in support of theory goal-oriented behaviors - Hyperpersonal model - Properties of physical environments that support or constrain various forms of 51.Discussion questions - Factors that lead to Internet social actions for Health online addiction communities - How to help teenagers who are 18.Affordance of - Persistence addicted in Internet? online - Boundaries community - Engagement 56.Distance learning What would happen? - Authoring with social presence - Uninhibited theory - Hostile 22.Authoring - Participants are able to use and - Terse manipulate their space -Ambiguous - E.g., construct online personae 8. Bonding social - Social benefits that arise from close tie What would be lost? capital relationships - Immediacy - Emotional and social support - Salience - Tangible/material support - Real time - Financial loans 21.Engagement - Enables a variety of ways for 28.Bonding social - There is someone at MSU I can turn to engaging and interact with one capital on MSU for advice about making very important another in the shared space decisions - Community building - There are several people at MSU I trust - E.g., collective activities to solve my problems 34.Expressive - Present, share information 41.Bonding social - There are several people on Twitter I information sharing capital with trust to help solve my problems twitter - When I feel lonely, there are several 30.Facebook usage - > - Rationale: FB help individuals to bonding social maintain pre-existing close people on twitter I can talk to capital relationship 20.Boundaries - Establish through mutually understood 29.Facebook usage - > - FB lowers the barriers to initiating differentiation of units/groups/networks - E.g., username, community membership bridging social and maintaining communication capital and social relations 7. Bridging social - Derived from weak tie relationships - Low-maintenance way to keep tabs capital - Suited to information diffusion on distant acquaintances. - Heterogeneous networks 38.Features - Status updates 27.Bridging social - Interacting with people at MSU makes - Comments capital on MSU me feel like a part of a larger community - Wall posts - Interacting with people at MSU makes - Private messages me want to try new things - Chat - Groups 40.Bridging social - Interacting with people on twitter makes capital with me feel like part of a larger community Twitter - Interacting with people on twitter makes me want to try new things 50.Group Participation Chinese boot camps tackle Internet 47.Limitations - Limited relevant health experience and Discussion for addiction of offline knowledge Health online Basic background: social - Embarrassed or stressful to disclose communities - Internet Addiction Treatment networks personal health information to offline social Center ($1,290/month) networks - Internet cafes - Judgmental - 14-18 male: online games - Unrealistic expectation of recovery - Juvenile crime, suicides, and - Overprotection deaths form exhaustion by players - Emotional burden 43.Health online ... - Obligations communities 60.Media - The more ambiguous and uncertain a task richness is, the richer the format of media that it needs 62.Hyperpersonal Relationships can be more intimate theory - Goal: choose the right medium that suits model than if partners physically together - Sender: selective self-presentation the communication purpose - Receiver: Over-attribution of similarity 1. Overcome - Equivocality (more than one interpretation) - Channel: communicating on your own time - Uncertainty - Feedback: hyperpositive image, 2. Some media works between than other confirm idealized image media for certain tasks 57.Immediacy communication behaviors that could enhance the closeness to others, and Rich Media non-verbal interactions with others - Have Gestures 53.Interactivity and - Features of high interactivity are Lean Media user participation in correlated with increased brand communities community participation - No Gestures 44.Internet Addiction - Internet addiction is in the same 32.Motivations - Relaxing entertainment way of drug addiction, alcohol - Expressive information sharing - Companionship addiction - Result in academic, social and - Professional advancement - Social interaction occupational impairment - An impulse-control disorder 31.Motivations - Communication characteristics of Features 46.Internet Boot Camps - No internet accuses or Technology and usage of -One-to-one communication vs. One-to- - very strict social media many communication fe
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