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Animal Science
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AN_SCI 2111
Dr.Jim Spain

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Animal Sciences 2111 Quiz One - Study Guide - Spring 2014 1. Define an argument. Define an ethical argument. a. Argument – collection of reasons supporting a claim b. Ethical argument – reasons that support ethical claim that something is good, bad, right, etc. 2. What makes a problem an ethical issue? a. Claim about appropriateness 3. Define normative premise. Why is it important to know about normative premises and ethical theory? a. Normative premise – explain facts, connect facts to opinion and why is important i. If…, then. ii. Reason for a reason b. Ethical theory – conflict between interests/values of people; always implied in normative premises 4. Describe the three ethical theories discussed by Dr. Harvey James. a. Goods vs Bads – end justifies means; outcome oriented b. Rights vs Duties – ends does not justify means; process oriented c. Virtues – good, beneficial, admired trait of person i. Courage instead of foolhardiness or cowardice 5. Describe two factors are affecting the changes in the global structure of animal agriculture. a. Expansion in production is causing increase in consumption. b. Global income increasing is causing more want for better quality. More food needed quicker. 6. How has per capita consumption of meat in the US changed relative to global consumption? a. Increased; global consumption also increased 7. How has the export of meat from the US changed? What are the benefits of this change? What are the possible concerns related to this change? a. Increased; more money selling meat to foreign countries; can we continue to supply this more meat 8. Describe two ways the structure of the US animal agriculture industry has changed. a. Contract farming – sharing risks; not owning animals; etc. b. Fewer and bigger operations – more efficient; more food; more concern for safety 9. Identify the factors have contributed to the changes you have described in #7 in the US
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