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Animal Science
AN_SCI 3255

Notes of Phys Practical:  Lab 1 ● Rat anatomy PDF - And fucntions ● Identify technical parts/terms of equipment  Lab 2 ● Transports, iso/hypo/hyper - Not know molar or osmolar - Permeability IS important: things that effect; etc. (concentration, membrane, temp) - 300 mOsm concentration of blood - Urea NOT isotonic but isosmotic ● Red blood cells focus ● Genus and species of all animals worked with ● Dilutions/calculations - Know how to do them: stock concentration, how much to dilute it. - Don’t need to know structure of compounds ● Know base transition ?  Lab 3 ● Know sections of worm and where dissection starts; parts; etc. ● Know smooth muscle characteristics - Sympathetic and parasympathetic ● Calibration procedure ● Micro positioner; all items we use ● Remember able to do room temp because cold blooded animal ● Analysis  Lab 4 (four stops out of most likely) ● Show pictures and know “what’s going on here” ● Data they gave us will be asked about ? ● Don’t have to know john
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