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University of Missouri - Columbia
Atmospheric Science
ATM_SC 1050

ATMS1050Exam101222014CHAPTER ONEDefinitionsMeteorologyThe study of weather variables the processes that cause weather and the interaction of the atmosphere with the earths surface ocean and lifeClimatologyThe study of climate including past conditions and possible climate changes for the futureWeather meteorologyThe condition of the atmosphere at any particular time and placeTemperatureHumidity relative dew pointPressureWind Speed and DirectionCloud CoverPrecipitation type and amountVisibility Climate climatology The condition of the atmosphere over many yearsThe same variables are used for climate as with weather Averages Normal High 30 year avg high temperature for a given date and locationExtremes Record High The highest temperature ever recorded for a given date and locationThe AtmosphereThe Earths Atmosphere is Relatively ThinIf youd shrink the earth down to the size of a beach ball the inhabitable atmosphere would be thinner than a piece of paperThe Atmosphere Contains Various SubstancesThose substances exist in solids liquids and gasses99 of the Atmosphere Resides Near Earths SurfaceWhyCompressibilityGravityWhat is the AtmosphereA gaseous layer enveloping a planetary surface earth isnt the only planet with an atmosphereEarths Atmospheric CompositionNitrogen 78Oxygen 21Argon 1Carbon DioxideOzoneWater 3 vary greatly in time and spaceWater VaporMakes up 04 of the AtmosphereImportant for the generation of daytoday weather phenomenaCondensationThe process of changing water vapor into liquid water
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