Lab Report #3 - Heat of Reaction

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University of Missouri - Columbia
CHEM 1320

Lab Report: Calorimetry: Heat of Reaction Ashley Wolfe 09-22-12 The results from the Heat of Reaction Lab Part II indicate heat absorption for Na CO KNO KNO 2 3 and a heat release for 3 . This means that 3 is an endothermic Na CO process, while 2 3 is exothermic. Part III results show that the molar heat of 2+¿ complexation of the Cu ion by ammonia is a negative value as well. Results from CH C3OH Part IV identify the molar heat of neutralization (for HCl and combined with NaOH) as positive values. The significance of this process is that it is possible to determine the heat of reaction through using a simple solution calorimeter. The main point of this experiment was about bond energies. Some chemical bonds require a lot of energy to break, while others do not require as much. One can measure the energy changes and determine the heat change, along with the energy changes associated with such reactions as: heat of solution, heat of formation, and heat of neutralization. Of course there are various explanations as to what could have caused any errors. Incorrect calibration of the calorimeter is one possible explanation. Other reasons for error could be: loss of mass of the given samples from weigh boat to calorimeter, incorrect reading of the graduated cylinder, or simply failing to insert the temperature probe fully into
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