Lab Report #6.

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CHEM 1320

Ashley Wolfe Lab Report #6 The objective of this lab experiment was to look at the elements in a group (alkaline earths and halogens) and determine how alike and how different they are. Nitrates (barium nitrate, calcium nitrate, magnesium nitrate, strontium nitrate) and an NH unknown were tested with H 2O 4 , (¿¿4)2C 2 4 , and KI O 3  to determine solubilities.  Na 2O ¿3, Also, the oxidizing powers of halogens were tested.  Through the experiment it was discovered that when combined with the above solutions, some elements (such as strontium and barium) form precipitate pretty readily, while others such as magnesium do not. Also, bromine, chlorine, and iodine, when tested for oxidizing powers, demonstrated the fact of “like dissolves like”. This simply means that polar dissolves polar, and nonpolar dissolves nonpolar The results obtained do not necessarily differ from what was expected, however not much was expected. Much was not known about the solubilities or oxidizing powers, therefore giving way to not many expectations. As for the similarities in the elements’ groups, of course there will be similarities along with differences. Alkaline earths all are somewhat soluble, but the severity of that solubility differs from element to element. For the halogens all can oxidize, yet as one moves
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