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CHEM 1320

Lab Report: Colligative Properties Ashley Wolfe 12-4-12 The purpose of the Colligative Properties Lab was to find colligative properties and gain a better understanding of them. This was to be done by dissolving an unknown substance in a solvent and determining the molar mass of the unknown by using a known freezing point constant and the change in freezing point. The results from the Colligative Properties Lab showed a change in freezing/melting point. In this case the freezing point was lowered. . The melting/freezing point for t-butanol by itself was approximately 22 degrees C. The melting/freezing point for t-butanol with the Unknown D was approximately 1 degrees C. By using the change in freezing/melting points it was determined that the molar mass of Unknown D was approximately 52.23 g/mol. After referring to Figure 0.2 in the lab notebook it was decided that Unknown D was 1-Propanol because the molar mass calculated was closest to the molar mass of 1-Propanol. These results show that the amount of solute versus solvent in a solution does in fact have an effect on the colligative properties of that solution. Similarly, that based on the ratios of solute to solvent molecules the
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