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Classical Humanities
CL_HUM 3350
John Lester

Advanced Mythology Terms list #2 1. Apollo A. ephebe, and in charge of: 1. prophecy 2. music 3. archery 4. boxing 5. dancing 2. Hermes A. thievery (good & bad) B. transitions into underworld C. distribution of things: evil, beauty, and wisdom D. dreams are a boundary hermes can go through 3. Artemis A. her place is the wild (uncivilized) 1. no order a. no human laws B. agora 1. meeting place between all oikos (clan/family) 2. Artemis’ space is like a no man’s land C. worshipped at the crossroads (of 3 roads) 1. no man’s land at the center point of the 3 roads 4. Io A. priestess of Hera in Argos, a nymph seduced by Zeus, changed into a cow to escape detection, Hera sent a gadfly to sting her and drive her mad 5. Proitids (Daughters of Proitos) A. names were Lysippe, Iphinoe, and Iphianassa B. when they hit maturity they were struck with madness from either Dionysos for despising to worship him, or Hera because they considered themselves more beautiful than her. Were eventually cured by Melampus, but their father had to give away 2/3 of his lands. 6. ephebe A. transitional stage of life for young men and women. not yet adults nor are they children anymore. usually sent out of polis until fully matured and usually after trials. 7. herm 8. geography 9. tricksters A. any thing that plays tricks or otherwise disobeys normal rules and conventional behavior 10. Prometheus A. titan, trickster, and hero to man kind for creating man out of clay and giving them fire. bound to a rock for giving fire to humanity by Zeus, and every day an eagle would eat his liver and then each day it would regrow and the eagle would come back. 11. Atlas A. titan who held of the celestial sphere, titan of astronomy and navigation 12. Hyperboreans A. mythical people who lived far to the north of Thrace, Boreas the north wind, unspecificed region in the north that lay beyond the north wind. was a perfect place with the sun shining 24 hours/day 13. Aithiopians A. race who lived south of Egypt 14. Garden of the Hesperides A. Hera’s orchard in the west where a single tree grew golden apples. The hersperides tended to the grove. The golden apples are what started the Trojan war. 15. omphalos
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