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Food Science
F_S 1030
Clarke- Universityof Missouri- Columbia

Quizzes Thursday, February 20, 2014 6:55 PM • A processing method that sterilizes product prior to packaging in a container is - aseptic processing • Which of following is not likely to reduce or eliminate harmful microbes - freezing • Which of the following is a nutritious component of milk, is a disaccharide and is approximately 5% of whole milk? = Lactose, Calcium, Casein and whey protein, Butterfat and cream • Which of the following is likely to be useful for preserving cheeses? - pasteurization of milk, low water activity, low temperature of storage, low pH, all of the above • An ice cream product with 60% natural vanilla flavoring and 40% artificial vanilla flavoring is legally allowed to be labeled as - Vanilla flavored ice cream • Cost of container is not a safety consideration • Benefits of formulated foods all of the following EXCEPT nutritional consequence • Steps in the production of carbonated soft drinks is designed to kill microorganisms in the water for soft dr
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