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Dorina Kostin

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Midterm Study Guide 1. Ambitious to become rich - Passage toAsia, Religious mission,(millennialism, retake Jerusalem), New islands 2. Small pox, gonorrhea, flu, yellow fever –Although many advancements to both sides, NativeAmericans suffered more 3. England was head of the church, church was corrupt, illegal to separate from church – move to Holland, only church members allowed to vote in England 4. Many people died when first settling here from no motivation, dependent of Indians, malnutrition, John Smith brought more settlers and rallies Jamestown in 1608 (he leaves), Sir Thomas Dale 1611 with more recruits, eventually pop. is 700 5. Saved the colony of Jamestown, gave motive, high price and high produce, indentured servants, plant anywhere 6. Indentured servants ≠ slaves, from England, 7 years of labor, then freedom, land – each servant only £10-12, 50 acre headright 7. Illegal to separate from church - move to Holland (1607), Dutch are tolerant, wait to go back – move to Plymouth (1620) 8. Non-separating puritans – 1630’s, 20,000 people – move with family 9. Formed by Calvinists (John Calvin), cant earn your way into heaven, god is sovereign, important to everyday life 10. Between god and his people, community comes first, entire community must be pure (lead to witch hunt), separate church from state – half-way covenant, bible as guide, OT, prayed in agreements with god (Mary Rowlandson) 11. Middle aged women who were childless, lower social standards, manly for domestic troubles 12. Large port with unequal wealth distributions, only had spectral evidence, 141 incidents, 19 executions, first accusations in 1961 13. War between Pequots and Puritans, William Branford (Plymouth Governor) glad to see such a brutal victory, English had guns, later Indians did, matchlock vs. flintlock*, Indians dependent on English for guns, Hunting (luxury vs. food) 14. Virginia/Maryland, women outnumbered 4 to 1, 10% wedlock, 1/3 married pregnant 15. Nathanial Bacon, Virginia, farming struggle that blamed Indians – struggling farmers joined his attack, governor Berkeley denied, Jamestown burned 1676 16. Prosecuted by masters (not responsible for deaths), slave codes, hard field work, little opportunity for free life – started little communities, small plantations, learned English, became stable in 1740s, tobacco rice 17. Viewed as both very similar people, yet two different lives, both strong figures for there movements, lived in the same era and changed the people around them 18. 1675-76, first conflict between Indians and settlers, 52of 90 New England towns destroyed, guns and tactics used, 800 colonists and 3,000 Indians killed. Metacom-King Philip – loves horses, Mary Rowlandson 19. Lived in Lancaster, captured by Indians during Metacom war, integrated into Indian tribe, had many owners including Metacom 20. Born into wealth family, oxford education, party life style in London, Quakers (1667), out casted by society, refused to tip hats, pacifists, antislavery, refused to take oaths, inner lights 21. Supernatural, communicate directly, God was inside you, through self reflection, not through the church, equal Light 22. Church of England established there,
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