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Final Exam 3 Study Guide

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University of Missouri - Columbia
HIST 1200

Exam 3 Study GuideLevittownWilliam and Alfred Levitt built the first Levittown shortly after the war on 1200 acres of potato fields on Long Island near NYCThey became the most famous suburban developersMore than 10000 houses were assembled quickly from prefabricated parts and priced well within the reach of most AmericansSputnikFirst artificial earth satellite launched by SovietsThe administration responded with the National Defense Education ActNational Defense Education ActResponse to SputnikFor the first time offered direct federal funding to higher educationMassive RetaliationAn updated version of the doctrine of containmentAnnounced by Dulles a grim Cold WarriorDeclared that any Soviet attack on an American ally would be countered by a nuclear assault on the Soviet Union itselfRan the risk that any small conflict could escalate into a war that would destroy both the US and the Soviet UnionMissile GapKennedy warned that Republicans had allowed a missile gap to develop in which the Soviets had achieved technological and military superiority over the USKennedy knew that American economic and military capacity far exceeded that of the Soviets but the charge persuaded many Americans that it was time for new leadershipMilitaryIndustrial ComplexEisenhower warned Americans of thisThe conjunction of an immense military establishment with a permanent arms industryNixon What Freedom MeansThe American National Exhibition was a showcase of consumer goods and leisure equipment which allowed those in the Soviet Union to become acquainted with US lifeVP Richard Nixon opened the exhibition with an address that emphasized the extraordinarily high standard of living in the USMilton Friedman Capitalism and FreedomHe identified the free market as the necessary foundation for individual libertyHe called for turning over to the private sector virtually all government functions and the repeal of minimum wage laws the graduated income tax and the Social Security systemHe insisted that government should seek to regulate neither the economy nor individual conductModern Republicanism
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