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HIST 1520

Part I: Logos - in Stoic thought logos is a kind of indwelling principle of coherence in the material world that guides all things (including humans) to their own proper ends. The idea of Logos crops up again in early Christianity. Princeps - Leading member(s) of the elite in the Roman Republic. The princeps senatus was an informal but highly prestigious title for the senator whose named appeared first in the list of senators compiled by the censor. Augustus chose the term princeps as a title because of its traditional, nonthreatening implications. Imperator - The bearer of imperium. More generally, a successful military commander. From the Flavian period the term imperator became a title of the emperor. Imperium in Rome was the supreme delegated authority in civic and military realms vested in certain magistrates such as consuls and praetors. Second Temple - Auxiliaries - Roman allies who fought alongside the legions. They were often cavalry or specialized troops. Recruited from peoples that did not have Roman citizenship. favored the recruitment of auxiliaries that excelled in other roles, such as missile troops (e.g. slingers and Archers), cavalry (recruited among peoples such as the Numidians, and the Thracians), or light infantry. Auxiliaries were not paid at the same rate as legionaries, but could earn Roman citizenship after a fixed term of service. Evangelium - Tribunica Potestas - the powers of a tribune installed in an emperor, e.g. Augustus, allowing him to have all the powers of a tribunate, but not hold the office. These were one of two of the powers given to the emperor, along with imperium. Pontius Pilatus SPQR - the latin phrase Senatus Populusque Romanus meaning, “The Senate and People of Rome” referring to the government of the ancient Roman Republic. It appears on many coins Septuaginta - an ancient translation of the Hebrew Bible and some texts into Koine Greek, dates back to late 2nd century BCE. Quoted in the New Testament. Part II: Review the illustration and boxed insert in Nagle, pp. 336-337 - the power of the basilica; trier, germany, basilica built by constantine survies intact. the apse, a throne platform sheathed in gold, great beauty in art, the two tiers with the windows on top, space under the floor for circulation of hot air. declared the power of its creator to the awe of barbarians and peasants. Review the following excerpts in Bailkey-Lim: pg. 500, no. X,10 no. XI, 3 - a spider is proud when it has caught a fly, and a man when he has caught a hare, and another when he has taken German. Are not all these bandits, when you examine their principles? one must be ready for survival and extinction, being separated from the body at any moment. it comes from a man’s own judgement, with reason and dignity. p. 502, section 5 - Lucius’ prayer is answered by Isis, queen of all things, known by many names. true name is queen isis worshipped by the Egyptians p. 519 (top) - Paul, ignorant show-off, speaks of god and how he is the one who has given us everything, and in hime we live, and we too are his children. p. 522 (top) - we shall all be changed in an instant, when what will die is clothed with what cannot die, and what is mortal has been clothed with what is immortal. death will be destroyed, and victory will be complete. p. 547 (middle paragraph). the empire was quartered, and each man leading wanted a large military still. less people payed taxes than were being given wages. Part III: discuss the conditions leading to the long rule of Emperor Constantine I and explain how his acts shaped history. I. Introduction A. The long rule of Emperor Constantine I was due to the situation he came into after Emperor Diocletian. The Empire
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