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HIST 1520

I. Aramaic A. the language spoken by the Arameans B. slowly replaced the older language of the region of the middle east C. General language of business and diplomacy in the entire middle east D. Nagle, 44 II. Babylonian Captivity (Exile) A. look at Nagle 62-63, 65 B. 587-538 B.C. C. 598 - Jerusalem surrendered; king and leaders departed to Babylon and city was plundered D. 589 - revolt; jerusalem under siege E. 587 - city was burned; more of population was deported F. Elimination of the ruling house of David and the destination of Solomon’s temple, the history of Israel seemed ended G. Prophet Jeremiah warned everybody about the Babylonians H. condemning social justice “burnt offerings and sac” I. going “after other gods” J. Yahweh will save a “remnant” of his people and will rise up become king of David “execute justice and righteousness in the land K. preaching about new convent between people and land L. “ten commandments” got in trouble with priest M. Nagle 51 N. Bailkey-Lim 72-73 III. Im hotep A. Pharaoh’s master builder for King Djoser B. came up with new and extraordinary burial monument C. step-pyramid complex D. squares stacking on top of each other up to 200 feet E. surrounded by a huge walled courtyard contains number of temples F. nagle p19 IV. Ma’at A. the interworking of it’s parts and the balance of it’s elements B. can be translated into “truth”, “balance”, harmony, justice and order C. ex. course of the stars, sequence of day and night, life to death, all these part of never changing ma’at D. repeats itself in an eternal now E. great thing to have as a leader is truth (ma’at); he who departs from this law is punished F. nagle -18 G. bailkey-lim 35 V. Misharum A. BL - 26 B. a new, dynamic type of law that had emerged as a supplement to kittum: “truth” C. literally “rightings” and translated “equity” justice or righteousness D. was human origin, work of true legislator E. These misharum-acts sought to alleviate the injustice produced buy economic and social dislocations F. old babylon period where kittum had no specific remedy G. Hammurabi calling himself King of justice “misharum” H. Shamash god of justice, hammurabi was a direct connection between humans and the gods VI. sexagesimal system A. early science B. mesopotamians made their calculations using C. based off number 60, from which division of hours and minutes into units of 60 derive D. highly acute observations of stars and plants were made E. let babylonian scholars to develop an excellent calendar able to reconcile lunar and solar years by 19 year calculations
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