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Earth and Environmental Studies

Hurricane KatrinaHurricane Katrina was a devastating event that occurred along the central Gulf Coast states It destroyed houses and businesses flooded everything on land and killed many people I remember this catastrophic storm hitting news You hear the meteorologists explaining of a tropical depression forming in the southeast of the Bahamas Within 2 days it got stronger and stronger being a tropical storm then a hurricane It hit states like Florida Louisiana Mississippi and Alabama The damages I saw on the news from the reporters films were unbelievable I had never seen anything that demolished until I saw these towns being shown on live TV it was heartbreaking Now you may ask how powerful was hurricane Katrina How many people died from this What did the aftermath look like What are all the details about this natural disaster Keep reading and you will find outOn August 23 2005 hurricane Katrina started off as a tropical depression in the southeast Bahamas but did not stay that way for too long because the following day it was a tropical storm moving northwest through the Bahamas By August 25 it had reached the south of Florida gaining strength in the water to lead up to a category 1 storm This was Katrinas first destination making landfall as a hurricane The most affected areas of the state were Hallandale Beach and North Miami Beach According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration it hit these areas with wind speeds of approximately 80 mph 70 kts Gusts of above 90 mph 78 kts were measured as Katrina came ashore Hurricane Katrina National Climatic Data Center Then Katrina made her way southwest becoming weaker in strength when passing through the Florida peninsula She managed to direct herself to the Gulf of Mexico which is a body of water that will once again repair her and make her very strong At this point Katrina was moving westward and a midlevel ridge over Texas deteriorated which permitted the storm to turn thnorthwest and then straight north on August 26 Seen down below figure 1 is the direction of the storm and figure 2 is the final land fall Hurricane Katrina National Climatic Data Center
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