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MSUFINC 300RadinFall

FINC 300 Study Guide - Quiz Guide: Profit Margin, Retained Earnings, Asset Turnover

Cash inflow: occurs when we sell something; decrease in asset acct accts / rec; inventory; net fixed assets. Increase in liability or equity acct, note
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MSUFINC 300RadinFall

FINC-300 Quiz: Ch2 FINC300

Balance sheet: a snapshot of the firm"s assets and liabilities at a given point in time. Assets listed in order of decreasing liquidity (ease of conver
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MSUFINC 300RadinFall

FINC 300 Study Guide - Quiz Guide: Sole Proprietorship, Double Taxation, Cost Accounting

Fncl managers- top fncl manager within a firm is the cfo; treasurer oversees cash mgmt, credit mgmt, capital expenditures, and fncl planning; controlle
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