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Products are identical to each other and parent. Nucleus with any number of chromosomes can partake. Needs an even number of chromosomes to partake. Genotype: describes which alleles are present: phenotype: describes the physical appearance of the gene xi. Linkage: different genes are on the same chromosome xii. It acts as a glue that holds 2 chromosomes together: crossing over occurs, the two chromosomes trade pieces of their arms, the chromosome pair separates, recombination occurs in prophase 1 ix. Each step has own enzyme: last product fits active site of first reactant, regulatory sites, may have 2 different sites on one enzyme. Is the sequence of amino acids and is determined by codon in rna (1) codon is determined y sequence of bases in dna: secondary structure (2 degree) You use atp for everything: fermentation is different process that oxidizes glucose, cellular respiration is burning which results in oxidation of glucose into co2 and water.