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Deviance does not equal crime: deviant behavior can be perfectly legal, deviant act is something that goes against the norm. An interdisciplinary social science: rule-making: criminalization, rule-breaking: criminality, rule-processing: criminal justice. What is criminology: a subfield of psychology, an interdisciplinary social science, the study of criminality, but not criminalization, all of the above. Criminal justice vs. criminology: ask different types of questions. Criminal justice: parts of criminal justice systems & how it works, how its suppose to work, study of criminal justice system in the ideal form, criminal justice, systems, intended operations, intended functions. Criminology: how the system actually works, criminology, origins of cj systems, actual operations of cj, consequences of cj. How to survive: review the class schedule every week, stay on top of the readings, take notes on the major points of each reading, complete the quizzes on time, bring your iclicker or device to every class.

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