COM 112 Midterm: com 112 exam 1

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COM 112
Julie E Mayberry

RISKS BENEFITS OF DISCLOUE JOHAPI WINDOW oef Chest rejection Cowthav sis (get negative impressio Self reinHonsw. satis actin valid on known Open Blind OE mpression Form San OSS hurt other person obligation Moral ntenance relationship SEX biological MYERS BR changing masculine femin CENDERE learned ntraversian vs. Extraversion. andro 2Ynous STALES DE PEECEPTION Sensing vs In vits on onto setection choose to pay n ensity. details Change s it Feeling ng vs. organization What 75% men ngfu arrange in men 75% emotrons Interpretation why it Judging vs Perce win Wnnt to decide HALO EFFECT know are wait see overall od mpression NFL VENCE ON PERCEPTION HORN EFFECT know one Access negative thing physiologicou pression. ovevalv Senses PRIMACY EFFECT: a tendency to pay biological cycles attention to things that hap peneo Rrst heauh Fatigue RECENCY EFFECT. most re cer inte nevroloehe vior changes ton most P Psych FUNDAMENTAL ATTRIBUTION ERRoE tendency 10 %Ender give move Weight to Koer Whe no Sevf Servin BAS nice Self-concert dualities than relationships cultural ourselves than muted media OVER ATTR1Bu TICH: Know nfo but attribute rew On everything to that ine PERCEPTION a better way to review your CHECKING Proviaes hterpret Mans share your evan watt na scribe w/ou 2. Otter 2 posside explan uon S 2. request- clarification COM EXAM ONE MUNICATE PHYSICAL Presence affects our health b Scence catt n earn who we are based on how others react to us. DENT We to satis Ying SOCIAL creates relationships contribute we want PRACTICAL essent un fo ate what Cave ers, commun COMMUNICATION PRINCIPLE NEAR Mo DEL TRANSACTIONAL MODEL Sender receiver or un intent intentional rreversalo ve eceives COMMUNICATION MISCONCEPTIONS COMMUNICATION NTERPERSONAl. Communication seeks erstanding Herde peretence always better Communication ntrirsic reward rreplace alote. t solve Self-disc tosur n cation. COMMUNICATION COMPETENCE OCIAL MEDIA CULTURE effect we canncss lang nge, Symlools, trods rions appropriate large variety oc skills a synch Provi trees time gap ex. enfer, een Permanence JC Kester CO CULTURE to describe the per of membership empathy Sele an encompassing group that's apart o race, sexua rientation, re NDIVIDUALISM vs. COLLECT Iv USM PONER STANCE LAH: thoughts, feelings, ideas nd helping the mselues mize High: re voyalties obligations to China, rkni cues Classes, De High- gap social 10 mpintAi UNCERTAINTY Avon feel threa ened a to which members oe a much they cun situat dins how the degree avoid High find out detai ntercultural comMUNICATION COMPETENCE reprivanoh a atitude, to Herance mindness ethha centrism Cours culture s Supe hedge SELE Evi ILLING Patience Pe ACHIEYMENT ys NUTUe the reattvey Stable Person's expectations set of achievemenr- martieral sucess Terceptians even an you hold of yoursel r Subjective based on those expectations, make the flexible conve more MPRESSION MANArMED! occur resistant otherwise be true n shore Commun SELF -Disc Los ING SOCIAL PENETRATION nELuence how MAOOEL I. contain Personal omers view them. 2. communicate verbrity Breadth dent iti es multiple 3, another person must be target deliberate or unconscious appearance
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