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Agricultural Engineering
A EN 459
Brandon Whitehart

The overall goal of the Hysteria Prevention Project is to create a friendly environment among fellow classmates. It has come to our attention that there has been a slight increase in violence, discrimination, or any condescending act upon students. To prevent this from escalating, there has been a proposal that not only diminishes bullying, but to have a respectable community at Buford High School. There has been an arranged procedure to making sure that results are guaranteed and that there will be little to no delays. To ensure extra security throughout the school, an ample amount of cameras will be installed in classrooms. This will provide any evidence of a confrontation between classmates and ensure that students are getting proper education from their respective teachers. Along with acquiring new cameras, there will be a dedicated supervisor for each grade level. In case of an actual physical confrontation, a supervisor will be able to intervene and prevent it from escalating to a more drastic situation. Although security measures are going to take place, not everything will be preventable. So to have consequence realized amongst the students, more severe punishments will be implemented to ensure that no action results in lenience. However, the focus is not only to punish wrong-doers, but also to reward certain individuals who are creating a noticeable difference for the better of the community. These exceptional individuals will be handpicked by their peers and rewarded accordingly. The patronization on what students wear is also so
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