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ACCT 1201
Osborne Jackson

NAME: Suzanne Baumgartner SECTION MEETING TIME: 8:00 AM HOMEWORK #5--Personal & Team Worksheets BUSN 1101 Sustaining Business in the New Economy Instructions: Complete both the Personal Worksheet and Team Worksheet below by yourself, without consultation with your team members. Upload the completed forms to Blackboard. Then, print it out and bring it to class and share it with your team members. These two documents will form the basis for your team’s negotiation to produce a third document—the Team Charter. Personal Worksheet Item Response How do I learn best? I learn best by talking through an idea and clarifying (By doing, reading, talking, all aspects face-to-face etc.) Previous experience that I am always motivated to work hard on a team. I am might be useful to the not a bossy person, but like to work with others and team: hear all team members’ ideas. Special skills I have or Product/service idea generation (creative), that I can coach others to background in financial analysis (took business use: courses and clubs in high school, two years of accounting experience), public speaking and creating presentations My personal preferences I work best during the day and try to get most of my and/or work styles are: work done then. I like to get work done early. I need to be able to easily contact my team members in case (I make outlines, I work bestI get confused or stuck on a specific part of the work after midnight, I use visualsassigned. to aid my understanding, etc.) My work/life balance I have running club at 6:00 PM – 7:00 PM on most issues are: nights (I commute from Vermont; I have athletic or work commitments, etc.) 1 Team Worksheet To some extent, the issues that have a negative impact on group performance are logistically based (i.e., task issues). Does the group know its goals and objectives and has the group agreed on basic guidelines to get the team organized and focused? In addition, groups often encounter difficulties related to their patterns of interactions. (i.e., process issues). The more time that is spent on clarifying expectations about appropriate behavior, the greater the likelihood that groups will increase their productivity and avoid the frustration caused by repeated inefficiencies. Complete the Team Worksheet below by yourself, without consultation with your team, to clarify your own ideas. You will use this document as a basis for a later negotiation with your team to produce the third document—the Team Charter. I. Task Issues a. What is your goal for the business plan team? To work together very well and maintain strong focus and motivation while completing the business plan. b. When and where would you suggest holding your weekly meeting? Will students be allowed to miss meetings? How many? 2 I think we should schedule approximately 3 mandatory meetings for about 1 hour per week where we share what we have worked on and each group member expands
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