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Asian Studies
ASNS 1150
Philip Thai

Thursday, Jan. 23rd - The Civil Service Examination System & the Gentry Magistrate (one man) --> sent to areas where they have no connections Reasons: • Only for personal interest • Not want to implement laws which are bad for locals whom you already know Worked: • In Yamens o One in ever local place o Seat of governmental power -- closest connection to the emperor Had • Helpers: o Served as the magistrate's messenger & paper pushers(collected complaints) o Eyes and Ears of the Magistrates o Know as the "Talons/Teeth" of the magistrate • Private Secretaries (mu4 you3 or shi1 ye2): o Educated but not as much as magistrates o Usually, but not always, failed examination candidates o Possessed Technical knowledge and acted as advisors • Ins and outs of governance o Supervised clerks and runners Barriers for serving the emperor in different locations: • Colloquial Differences • Homesickness • Different Cultures Magistrates could not bequeath their status to their family members Contents of the Exam: Master classical Chinese works Introduced it to children at a really young age What it is like: 3 Sessions - Each 2 days long Ming Examination Degrees Degree How Attained Likely Age % Passed Sheng yuan County Exam 17 - 30 Highly Variable Ju ren Provincial Exam 20 - 30 2 - 4 % Jin Shi
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