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Social and Moral Context and Relevance to the Real World.doc

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BIOL 2301

Social and Moral Context and Relevance to the Real World - The implications of the research concerning genetic predisposition to success in sports will quickly become a moral issue. - New companies will emerge to profit on new products to test for certain gene variants that offer advantages in sports - How will this change the world of sports? - Coaches will require gene tests in order to be able to pick recruits for their teams - Is this fair? - Will the coaches discriminate against athletes that refuse to be tested? - Failure to have the tests done may result in injury of the athlete, and a possible lawsuit on the team, therefore, owners of the teams would want the screenings done - However, if the athlete does not want to get the tests done, they could be discriminated against for not disclosing the information - An example of this t
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