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Business Administration
BUSN 1101
William Sharp

BUSN1201 Study Guide of Potential Questions for Test #1: Wednesday February 5 There will be a short answer question, multiple choice, a sample email and scenario. For the scenario, utilize all readings, films, discussions as well as your own ideas. What to study: Classpac: Academic / Professional Emailing Storti: Americans at Work – A Guide to the Can-Do People (see below) New Yorker Magazine article: “The Cult of Overwork” Film: “9-5 No Longer” Storti Textbook” The Details Women in the workplace, sexual harassment, taboo topics Chapter 1: Americans and Foreigners 1. In what ways do geography and history influence American attitudes toward foreigners? 2. How might two themes of American culture – individualism and being self-made - obstruct Americans’ ability to believe in culture and the ‘otherness’ of foreigners? Chapter 5: You are What You’ve Done 1. What are the historical roots of the American belief in the opportunity to “start over” or “reinvent themselves”? 2. “The idle rich” 3. “rags to riches” 4. “Nice guys finish last.” 5. “The bottom line” - $ profit line; also metaphor for in the final analysis; the reality or truth of a situation 6. Materialism 7. “short termism” 8. “The perfect is the enemy of the good.” (conflicted attitude toward quality) 9. “Talk is cheap.” 10. The “Kiss of death” Chapter 6: On Your Own 3. What is individualism American style? 4. Define the differences between individualism and collectivism. How might this effect the workplace? 5. How does the cowboy personify some aspects of American workplace? 6. “Shoot from the hip” “ride roughshod” over someone 7. What were the results of the Hampden-Turner and Trompenaars survey? 8. Why do Americans prefer to lay off employees rather than fire the
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