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Missy Johnson Solubility, Intermolecular Forces, and Polarity 1-29-07 Introduction The purpose of this experiment is to observe the strength of intermolecular forces of a group of compounds by determining their solubility in certain solvents. Chemical Responsibility The chemicals used in this experiment have a number of possible dangers associated with them and must be handled appropriately. Possible dangers include toxicity, flammability, irritation to skin, and skin discoloration. Gloves and glasses should be worn to protect the skin and eyes. Chemicals should be disposed of in the correct containers and no chemical should be poured down the drain. Chemicals in group one should be disposed of in the waste alcohol container. In group two, solutions containing sodium chloride, copper (II) sulfate, potassium bromide, and sodium acetate should be poured into the waste salts container. All solutions containing iodine should be disposed of in the waste iodine container. All solutions containing sucrose should be poured into the waste sugar container. In group 3, all solutions containing acetic acid, stearic acid, and benzoic acid should be disposed of in the waste carboxylic acid container. All solutions containing naphthalene and pentane should be poured into the waste hydrocarbon container. Finally, all solutions containing vegetable oil should be disposed of in the waste veget
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