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Northeastern University
Chemistry & Chemical Biology
CHEM 2311

Equations Ea = O – A What you need: O (observed value), and A (absolute value) What it finds: Experimental Error Er = (O-A) x 100 A What you need: O, and A What it finds: Percentage Error Da = O – M What you need: O, and M (mean of values) What it finds: Absolute Deviation Dr = Da(ave) x 100 M What you need: Da(ave) (average of absolute deviations), and M (mean of values) What it finds: Relative Deviation Q = m x Cp x ΔT What you need: m (mass), Cp (specific heat capacity), ΔT (change in temp) What it finds: Q (Heat/ Energy Transition of a solid, liquid or vapo) Q = mHf What you need: m, Hf (heat of fusion) What it finds: Q (Heat/ Energy Transition from the solid to liquid phase) Q = mHv What you need: m, Hv (heat of vaporization) What it finds: Q (Heat/ Energy Transition from the liquid to gas phase) °C > °F = 5/9 (°F – 32) °F > °C = 9/5 °C + 32 K > °C = °C + 273.15 K What you need: Temp in °C, °F, or K What it finds: Converts b/w Temp Scales D = m V What you need: m, and V (volume) What it finds: Density Fel kQ Q1 2 r2 9 2 2 What you need: k (constant with a value of 8.99x 10 Nm /C ), Q and Q 1 2 (quantity of charge on the two objects), r (distance between the objects) What it finds: F (Electrostatic Charge) el Hev = mv2/r What you need: m, v (velocity of electron), and r (radius of curved path of ele
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