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Health Science
HSCI 1105
Sandy Blank

HSCI 5230 Assignment for Week #2 1) Keep a record of everything you eat or drink for 2 days prior to class. 2) Go to the MyPlate website at www.choosemyplate.gov. 3) Create a profile, then go to the “Food Tracker”. You will see your recommended amounts of food in each food group on the top left of the screen. 4) Enter the foods you ate for each meal/snack for each day. 5) Print the page with your foods and the bar graph that compares your intake with the food plan My Plate made for you, and bring with you to class. Think about, and be prepared to discuss the following in class on Week #2: • What do you think about the criteria that My Plate uses to create your food plan? It makes sense as a whole, but it may be difficult for much of theAmerican population to follow; simple layout though • How did your intake compare with the standards that MyPlate g
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