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Information Science
IS 1500
Osborne Jackson

Reading #5--Environmental analysis Demographic Trends • What is the size of the consumer population in the selected markets? • Profile in composition of the market in terms of age, gender, ethnicity, religion, education, household size and income. • What consumer characteristics are specifically related to product purchase or use? • What is the size and number of businesses, locations; number of employees, sales volume and capacity for selected business markets? • What are the trends in new business formation in the selected markets? • What trends will affect businesses in this segment? Economic Trends • What is the state and direction of local, regional, national and global economy? • What are the current and expected trends in the target market’s buying power, shown through debt, income, credit usage and other indicators? • How will these trends affect your business? Ecological Trends • What are the trends in raw materials and energy? • How will pollution affect your organization? • What is the effect of environmental issues on government regulation or societal attitudes? • How will these trends affect your business? Technology Trends • How are innovations affection customers, suppliers, distributo
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