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PSYC 1101
Frank Naarendorp

Review 1 (Psyc 1101) Spring_2013  Definition of modern psychology. Wilhelm Wundt: elements of consciousness, introspection;  Titchener: structuralism  Ebbinghaus: memory  William James: functionalism  Watson: behaviorism  Freud: the unconscious  Wertheimer: Gestalt psychology  Major research areas:  Developmental Psychology (human development across the life span: childhood, puberty, adolescence, etc.).  Social Psychology (interpersonal behavior: attitude formation, attitude change, prejudice, conformity etc.).  Experimental Psychology (among others: sensation, perception, learning, conditioning);  Physiological Psychology (role of brain, peripheral nervous system in behavior).  Cognitive Psychology ('higher' mental processes: memory, thinking, language, creativity etc.);  Personality (consistency in behavior: which factors shape personality, how to assess personality ?)  Empiricism (knowledge through observation); determinism; scientific attitude (objectivism, skepticism, open-mindedness)  Observer bias; subject bias  Natural observation  Case study  Surveys  Correlation studies; correlation coefficient -- negative (-1very strong), positive (+1very strong), zero-- no correlation  Theory (general definition)  hypothesis  dependent and independent variable  confounding variable  Operational definition = ******VERY IMPORTANT  Reliability, validity  Procedu
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