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Northeastern University
PSYC 1101
Frank Naarendorp

Psych Test Review 2, 2.13.13:  REM rebound = getting a long time of REM sleep, to make up for deprivation (1hour as opposed to a half hour)  Spinal cord takes sensory info from the toes all the way up! o Second, into the medulla, the first real "brain" info o Next, crosses over and into thalamus... o Which projects the info to the cerebral cortex, specifically, somatosensory cortex in the parietal lobe  Amygdala = emotion  Hippocampus = memory  Frontal lobe = thinking, emotion (like personality, raw emotions/reactions)  Cortex is younger than the thalamus... is develops after. Same with many lower brain parts (most animals stop at the mid-brain)  Myelin is super white! And run all over the area that connects the two halves of the brain  At REST, the cell is permeable to K  A cell becomes active when a neurotransmitter (one cell's terminal) drops off something at the dendrites of another cell, activating the cell's chemical reactors, so permeability changes o When ACTIVE, Na enters the cell (positive charged ions) through sodium channels, into the dendrites. The Na ions set up a system inside the dendrite where they accumulate... the small current they're sending into the cell body goes in and opens up voltage-sensitive sodium channels (more and more channels open up as the current gets larger)  Think of the cell membrane as skin... it's different in different places - and exists in different places  As all of this happens (more sodium+), the cell's charge goes from -70 to -40...-40 is the voltage where the cell decides whether or not to fire...this decision happens at the axon hillock (where the cell body meets the axon), where the charge is now +50 because of all the sodium being let in (if it fire
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