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Northeastern University
PSYC 3404
Christina Cipriano Crowe

Write an essay discussing how the interaction of nature and nurture genetics and environment contributes to cognitive development in early childhood middle childhood and adolescence To what extent are certain aspects of behavior inherited through genetics or acquired through environmental exposure This is still an ongoing question Scientists have been debating the aspects of the Nature vs Nurture argument for decades To define the concept Nature is what a child has inherited genetically from family members while Nurture is what develops after conception and is due to environmental influence Many researchers believed that the two are linked The roles of genetics is often to reveal behavioral tendency to future development while environment can effect when a genetic behavioral characteristic will be revealed Thus it can be assumed that nature and nurture interact to influence cognitive developmentIn early childhood there are certain stages of cognitive development where we can see the effects of genetics environment and an interaction of the two This interaction is largely present in the language development of children Researchers theorize that although genetically humans do have an innate capacity for understanding language rules they fine tune and develop the skill through interaction with their environmentWrite a memo to parents of high schools students discussing how adolescent egocentrism invincibility fable imaginary audience and puberty contribute to an adolescents development Make sure you define the terms you use As your child grows into an adolescent and start high school he or she develops new cognitive abilities that can help him or her think more logically rationally and reason in a hypothetical manner The increase of cognitive function at this time is explained by their growth of metacognition Metacognition is the ability adolescents have to understand their own thinking process For example your high schooler may start to plan his study habits differently because he or she understands how long it takes him or her to memorize their notes They can also judge better when they have memorized all the material However due to your childs newfound understanding of their own thinking they become much more self conscious and introspective which can result in high levels of egocentrism This is perfectly normal behavior for high school students to experience Adolescent egocentrism is defined as the idea in which adolescents see the world as completely focused around them This means that they can find fault with everything except themselves They will be more critical of authority figures like parents quick to find fault with others and respond poorly to any criticism There are many different characteristics of adolescent egocentrism that manifest themselves in different ways through adolescence and even into emerging adulthood
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