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Holism(the whole is > than the sum of the parts) Collectivities involve more than the simple addition of individual personalities. When people interact within groups, organization, institutions, and whole social systems, these group-level entities acquire characteristics of their own. They exhibit properties that cannot be found in the individuals that make them up. Our task is to study these properties( social facts ) rather than fixating on the individual parts. Positivism: like nature, social life is governed by knowable patterns, regularities, and even laws. These laws can be revealed using systematic comparisons. The goal(as with all sciences) is to identify valid generalizations about human interaction, culture, and institutions. Suicide rates vary across groups, regions, and societies. Anti-vice campaigns of the late 19th century. Why were anti-vice campaigns to stamp out obscenity, gambling, and pornography so powerful in boston and new york-- and so weak in. Facts: strong, elite-sponsored anti-vice campaigns took root in. Such campaigns were notably weak in philadelphia.