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[PSYCH-AD 101] - Midterm Exam Guide - Ultimate 12 pages long Study Guide!

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Curtis Clayton

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[PSYCH-AD 101] Comprehensive Midterm exam guide including any lecture notes, textbook notes and exam guides.find more resources at PSYCH UA-25 - Lecture 1 - What Is Cognitive Neuroscience? Textbook: Essentials of Cognitive Neuroscience 1st Edition Wiley Press; Postle (2015) Don’t need to bring textbooks every class; e-text and e-book available at Grading: Adjusted to average of the top 3 scorers in the class. No grades will be curved down. Best 2 of 3 quizzes: 25% each (50% total) non-cumulative Recitation Participation: 5% Attend almost all recitations = 3 points. Participate regularly = 5 points. Literature Critique: 15% Final: 30% Cumulative. Quizzes: composed of three parts: 1. multiple choice; 2. short identification; 3. one essay There will be a choice for both the identifications and essays (ex. answer 1 of 2 essays) Final: similar in structure to the quizzes, but cumulative. Literature critique: Must review two articles that address a common topic, but use two different methods (ex. patient study and functional imaging study; single cell recording and patient study). The paper will be a max of 3 pages. Discuss planned topic with instructor or TA weeks prior to the due date. Check NYU Classes, resource section. Write about science. Pick a topic that fascinated you, take a stance on what you believe. Empirical evidence to support thesis/ hypothesis. Due last couple days of class. APA formatted. Recitation: Often the essays have to do with the articles discussed in recitation.Main point of recitations is to introduce students to reading and criticizing empirical research papers. Research requirements: 2 hours of experiments for this course. Or, write a paper. Look under “Course Information” for links to important documentation. Do it early on. Sign up (?) Topics: Cellular Physiology Neuroanatomy Methods: Lesion Methods: Physiology Perception Visual Recognition Learning and memory Attention Working Memory Reward and Decision Making Motor Control Hemispheric Asymmetry Emotion Language Cognitive Control What is CogNeu? Integration of (at least) 4 disciplines: 1. Neurology: Function and pathology of the nervous system find more resources at
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