ASTRON 1144 Study Guide - Final Guide: Kolmogorov Space, Stellar Evolution, Cosmic Background Explorer

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Astro final exam study guide - 80 mc questions. The universe is expanding and we cannot see an infinite universe. Interpretation of hubble law: hubble"s law demonstrates that the universe is expanding. Nature of expansion in a systematic way : hubble parameter rate of expansion today. All observers in different galaxies see the same expansion around them. No center - all observers appear to be at the center. The big bang: if we run the clock back far enough, eventually the size of the universe would be: zero size and therefore infinite density. This initial state must have existed at some finite time in the past. We call this hot, dense initial state the big bang . In the beginning it must be very compact the big bang theory. The big bang: the universe is expanding from a hot, dense, initial state. As universe expands: recession velocities get larger; light waves get stretched and redder; cosmological redshift of light.