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BUSML 4201
Robert Smith

Motivation II: Deficiency needs (Bold and italics are concepts that I predict Robert Smith will ask on the test) A. Needs within the hierarchy 1) Physiological needs*** This part would be the focus of this chapter for sure i) Sensory needs - Procrastination: put aside things that will hinder the satisfaction of present sensory needs - Psychological hedonism vs ethical hedonism  Problem with that??Are those claims really true? No, what if it hurts later? Solution: avoid pleasure that cause pain or dissatisfaction in a long run - What’s the best? long lasting and mild pleasure should be the best e.g. friendship ii) Homeostasis needs Drive object substitute: - Definition: chemical equilibrium partially satisfy needs - Cycle of homeostatic needs Fig 1: Cycle of homeostatic need satisfaction 2) Safety needs - Physical (physical security) and psychological safety (i.e. freedom from fears and chaos) What is the difference/relationship - What responses does the threat to safety produce? Fight or flight!! between drive object and drive state? Any examples? 3) Belongingness and love needs i) Belongingness needs - Deficiency based (involves diminishing returns) - social pain causes physical pain - implications to daily lives: increased awareness of other people, think ambiguous situation threatening ii) love needs Base y
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