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BUSML 4201
Robert Smith

Motivation I: The preconditions (Bold and italics are concepts that I predict Robert Smith will ask on the test) A. Exchange Theory - Behavior is like an exchange and human will only perform behavior that brings benefits - E.g. maintaining a relationship - Understand benefits= gain- loss (very simple) - I think he will just ask which theory talks about the reason for having motivation B. Background information of hierarchy of needs Fig 1: structure of hierarchy of needs Order of satisfaction: human satisfy needs according to the following orders: 1) preconditions (will be discussed later) 2) deficiency needs 3) drives states - Founder: Maslow - Key nature of needs satisfaction: i) If certain needs are not satisfied (i.e. love), it can cause psychological and physical illness ii) hierarchy of needs is a type of humanistic needs, which is the opposite of abnormal psychology iii) He thinks human has rights to satisfy needs Checkpoint question: What is the problem of the third nature of hierarchy of needs? He may ask “Which of the following is NOT true about hierarchy of needs?” 1) Introduction to motivation i) Desire vs needs (straight forward, and I am not going to repeat
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